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"Mirtila" Project information

  • Category: Branding; Illustration; Packaging; 3D Modelling and Painting; Visual Identity
  • Project date: December 2023 - March 2024
  • Software: Adobe Illustrator; Adobe Photoshop; Adobe InDesign; Womp; Procreate
  • Type of Project: Academic

I developed the branding and visual identity for Mirtila Bubble Tea Cafe, inspired by the trend of bubble tea and a commitment to inclusivity, sustainability, and compassion. Featuring a charming alien mascot named Mirtila, derived from the Portuguese word for blueberry, the cafe emphasizes its dedication to ethical choices by exclusively offering vegan options.

mirtila logo process
mirtila logo

The color palette of pink and green in Mirtila's branding draws inspiration from her appearance, with her skin color and hair serving as the basis. Green symbolizes nature and veganism, reflecting the cafe's commitment to sustainability and plant-based offerings. Pink represents a sweet, comfortable, and friendly ambiance, inviting customers to relax and enjoy their time at the cafe. Mirtila's personal story adds depth to the brand; she created the cafe as a haven where anyone can feel valued and embraced for who they are, free from judgment and discrimination, reflecting her own journey of acceptance and inclusivity.

mirtila color palette
mirtila illustrations

Typography: 'Baby Doll' was chosen for its playful and soft appearance, perfectly complementing Mirtila's inviting atmosphere with rounded shapes and gentle curves. 'Friend' was selected for longer body text, offering increased legibility while maintaining a friendly aesthetic.

Icons: The brand features icons such as taiyaki, blueberries, dumplings, Japanese shortcake, peaches, cherries, hearts, bubble tea, and onigiri, reflecting a diverse and inviting menu.

mirtila typography
mirtila illustrations

I created 3D assets for the brand in the Womp software.

mirtila 3d assets
mirtila mockup

And designed a loyalty card for Mirtila. Customers are rewarded with a special offer: after purchasing seven bubble teas, they receive a complimentary Mirtila keychain. Here is the business and loyalty cards, as well as the packaging of the keychain:

mirtila cards mockups
mirtila keychain packaging

I 3D printed the Mirtila model and painted it as a keychain prototype.

mirtila keychain

mirtila poster mockup
mirtila mupi mockup

mirtila menu mockup
mirtila mockup

mirtila ad mupi
mirtila mockup