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"Alluxe Lure" Project information

  • Category: Packaging; Logo Design
  • Project date: January 2024
  • Software: Adobe Illustrator; Adobe Photoshop
  • Type of Project: Personal

I designed packaging for a fictional candle brand called Alluxe Lure, offering a luxurious collection of sophisticated candles. The brand features two scents: Jasmine Silk and Velvet Rose. To enhance the brand's aesthetic, I adorned the title with illustrations of the corresponding flowers for each aroma. This decision aimed to visually capture the essence of each flower, creating a cohesive and immersive visual narrative for the brand.

jasmine silk candle package mockup
velvet rose candle package mockup

The color palette for each scent reflects the essence it embodies. Smooth yellow hues evoke warmth and serenity, complementing the delicate fragrance of Jasmine. Soft pink tones capture the romantic and feminine qualities associated with the classic scent of Rose.

jasmine silk candle package dieline
velvet rose candle package dieline

jasmine silk candle package dieline close up
velvet rose candle package dieline close up