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"Fallout" Project information

  • Category: Posters; Packaging; Editorial; Graphic Motion
  • Project date: February 2024 - March 2024
  • Software: Adobe Illustrator; Adobe Indesign; Adobe Photoshop; Adobe After Effects
  • Type of project: Personal

Welcome to the world of Vault-Tec! Inspired by my favorite video game franchise, this collection immerses you in the retro-futuristic aesthetic and unique atmosphere of the Fallout universe.

It's important to note that the visual identity used in this project is a tribute to the Fallout game universe and the aesthetic created by the developers at Bethesda Games Studios. I make use of the brand's logo, mascot (Vault-Boy), color palette (blue and yellow), illustrations and typography consisting of Futura, Monofonto, and Brush Script.

vault-tec brand identity

Vault-Tec's recruitment posters promise safety and a brighter future underground, urging viewers to act amidst the threat of nuclear devastation with captivating imagery and persuasive messaging.

vault-tec recruitment poster
vault-tec recruitment poster

I recreated the Vault-Tec Survival Guide from Fallout 4, transforming the original horizontal booklet into a vertical A5-sized book. Retaining the essential information, I redesigned the cover and layout for a fresh perspective. Adapting the format to a more convenient vertical orientation makes the guide easier to handle and read.

The Vault-Tec ID card, minimalist with the iconic logo, is vital for facility access, displaying the resident's name and level.

vault-tec id card

Emergency Instamash and drinking water packaging offer practical solutions for post-apocalyptic survival, designed with simplicity and functionality in mind.

vault-tec emergency water
vault-tec emergency food

And lastly, a vintage-inspired graphic motion clip showcasing Vault Boy on "Please Stand By" screens, enhanced with vintage effects and vignettes created in After Effects.