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"The Book Nook" Project information

  • Category: Visual Identity
  • Project date: January 2024
  • Software: Adobe Illustrator; Adobe Indesign; Adobe Photoshop
  • Type of project: Personal

The Book Nook is a fictional cozy bookstore. For the logo I wanted something that captures the essence of getting lost in a good book. That's when I came up with the idea of using two eyes in the logo, moving from right to left as if they're engrossed in reading.

book nook logo versions
book nook brief description

Warm, cozy tones like earthy browns and soothing oranges were chosen to create an inviting atmosphere. Playful typography, combining Grado Gradoo with Kollektif, maintains a casual and approachable vibe, adding charm while ensuring clear communication and readability.

book nook typography
book nook color palette

The pair of glasses symbolizes the joy of reading and intellectual exploration, while the stack of three books represents knowledge, imagination, and adventure. The heart icon conveys the bookstore's passion for literature and its commitment to fostering a love of reading among visitors of all ages.

book nook icons
book nook social media mockup

book nook icons
book nook social media mockup

book nook mockup card
book nook sign

book nook mockup box
book nook mockup box